Monday, February 14, 2011

Toilet Installation

An old church building, an old septic system. The Nest requires a completely new system, but until we can manage that, we never know when the next flush will be our last.

It sounds dramatic, and we hope never to experience that drama, so we're installing fixtures that will reduce the amount of water going out as waste. The toilet we chose, then, features two different flush options for the two different flush needs, if you know what I mean. =)

The kids are concerned that our visitors won't know which button to press, so let me inform you that if we ever experience the joy of your company long enough for you to require using our facilities, look closely at the two buttons on the top of the tank. One button features a full circle, and the other one features a circle divided in half. The full circle means a fuller flush.

And just for fun, here's a little video of the final installation and inspection on January 25. The unpleasant-looking water you'll see went into the tank that color; we were recycling water that had been sitting in the pipes somewhere.


  1. Well now! I've been thoroughly entertained! Thank you for the explanation of the interesting water coloring...I won't even ask about the lovely brown coloring on Robin's gloves...

    The toilet itself looks pink in the photo. ???

  2. Oh, goodness, no. Not pink! Hahahaha! Whacked-out white balance on the camera, that's all. And Robin's gloves are two-toned: the palms are rubberized. Hope that eases your mind. Thanks for entertaining mine! =)