Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Place to Call Home

You've met the parents; now take a look at the little nest that Carol and Dave have feathered for when they're in town. It gives you an idea of how rough it is down in the basement, and you will see how resourceful they are: the bed consists of an air mattress resting on three courses of plastic storage bins plus backerboard of some kind to stabilize it all. Nice, isn't it?

Back in January they stayed out at The Nest even though we had to return to Chicago for a few days. They blessed us so much with their work on our behalf.

Here they are patching up the floor which Paul had to tear up for the new drain. They, too, are a gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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  1. It was truly enjoyable for us. Such fun and rewarding.

  2. They've contributed so much more since then! I'll have to post more pictures soon.