Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From the Floor to the Table

Remember the stack of floor boards that had been left behind when we moved in? Measured and counted, they rested along the side of the nave. They served well to contain the plastic bowling ball for our New Year's Eve 5-frame bowling tournament, but other than that, they've just been in the way.

Over 17 feet long, they couldn't make it down the stairs in one piece, so in the interest of making the most of what wood we had, I needed to decide how short or long each piece would need to be for us to make, in this case, the tops for our tables.

For this, I turned to my print publishing software. After creating a scale model of each floorboard, I was able to cut and assemble them over and over until I had them in the right dimensions and configuration to create four of the six matching, modular tables we have in mind.

The wood is pretty rough, and while I'd love to retain as much of that character as possible, I do need the surfaces to be smooth so the tables can function as a place where we can write, eat, and sew, to name a few essential activities. And they need to be easily cleaned up.

So now that they're cut, we'll have to plane them down, rip them to equal widths, fill in the holes, and glue and clamp them together. By then, perhaps, we'll have figured out how to make the table base. This is the look we'll be aiming for:

Camden Trestle Table
Restoration Hardware

And oh yes, I cut them all myself. With the help of my handy hubby, of course.

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  1. I just love reading your posts. You amaze me that you are able to see an "end result" from a pile of boards. It is a gift I do not possess. :)


  2. Thanks, Christine! Seeing an "end result" really just came out of assessing the materials that were left behind and asking ourselves what to do with it. I'd already formulated the plan for the tables and countertop/workspaces, and I think it was Paul or maybe Kevin H. who saw the value of the floorboards for something like that.

    I think if you had been in our place, you would have been granted this gift. =)