Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Has Come

Winter arrived with snow today after several days of cold, windy weather. And today, after two overnights in our country estate, we make our exit.

If, when he calls in to the Cook County courthouse on Thursday, Paul learns that he doesn't need to report for his jury duty summons on Friday, then we'll drive back out Friday morning.

The plan for this weekend, then, is to frame the bathroom walls, but we still need to lift some of the stubborn linoleum tiles from the concrete floor. I think a heat gun will help loosen it up, and we'll bring one out with us when we come back, but perhaps someone else has a better suggestion... ?
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  1. A version of a large chisel (maybe 8-10" wide) with a long handle like a rake, only heavy duty, with a sharp edge worked well for us. Needs elbow grease though. I guess in northern parts of the globe people would call it similar to an ice chipper used on sidewalks and driveways.

  2. To lift two layers of linoleum tiles in our old kitchen, we used a hot iron with a towel, and a wide spackling knife to lift the tiles. Worked great.

    Happy lifting!!