Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Successive Plantings

The gardens continue to evolve as we continue to ponder and tinker.   Below you can see that Paul is relocating one of our square-foot gardening boxes to the side of the house where we can grow cukes or beans on the Triple-H arches.  The salad greens should enjoy a cooler summer in the shade of the vines, too.  Never mind that the winter's plantings are already bolting; we'll be sowing a new crop just about as soon as he's done putting it all together, anyway.

It's a lovely spot where I sit and watch him work.  The aspect is lovely, anyway.  :)  I can't help but notice another series of successive plantings: the peaceful parade of purple blossoms, from the chives and sage in the winter garden to the columbine and bicolor irises in the foundation plantings. Next year I'll add some of the larger allium that are blooming in the backyard.

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