Saturday, October 22, 2011


What happens when the window is wide open so the paint on the window sill can dry?  Is this a trick question?!  Of course the cats try to escape.

Yes, Mama Catt climbed head first down the entire ladder... three different times.  She became pretty quick at it, too.

Pipes really wanted to follow, but she was too timid.  Robin tells her to "Get off."

Elliot brings Mama back,

 but even this couldn't keep her in:

Since she lived on the street by herself for a year, I often wonder if she would leave for her freedom and never come back.  I don't really want to find out.


  1. I wouldn't want to find out either.

  2. She just might...we had a cat do that when I was in jr. high school. So sad. He had chosen us (just showed up at our door one day and refused to leave...he was an adult cat), and after living with us for several years, one day he just left and didn't come back. No one saw any trace of him. We decided he must have chosen another family with better digs :-)

    Miss you guys... :-(


  3. Our Sita lived on the streets for a year. She doesn't want to have anything to do with the great outdoors. The door can be wide open, and she sits right in the doorway watching and sniffing.

    Love your blog! Keep posting!

  4. (Illinois) Lori, that makes me sad. I hope he landed safely in someone else's care.

    Lori, I didn't know that about Sita. Mama is not like your cat in that sense, though I wish she were. Maybe Sita just really loves to be hauled around by Elise. :D