Monday, August 22, 2011

Capture that Cat!

She plays with words, yet somehow she doesn't understand, "Get off, you silly little cat!"

These kittens provide so many opportunities to learn the tools of our trade... when they hold still long enough for me to secure a good focus!  While I don't ultimately approve of Pipes' perch, I did chuckle and run for the good camera.

I like this picture because in it I notice the colors of the stained glass window reflected on the Scrabble board. The shallow depth of field naturally draws my attention to Pipes' beautiful markings while communicating enough of her environment to contrast that innocent look with her obvious misdeed.

Since our fledgling family business includes video shooting, this summer we invested in the purchase of a Canon EOS 7D, a digital SLR camera with excellent high definition video capabilities.  As a digital SLR camera, I find it much easier to approach than a video camera, so I'm more apt to pick it up and practice using it.  Paul finds that he needs to adapt his thinking to this different mode of shooting, but my mind is a blank slate in that regard.

I enjoy learning how to use it, but I have to admit that I don't usually mess with the manual settings; the creative auto setting is good enough for me.  Instead, I focus my attention on composition, lighting, and, well... focusing.  Shooting in video mode particularly requires the operator to not only be competent, but quick.

I suppose that's why it's a good thing I like to practice on our spunky kittens.

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  1. Fun post...and I like the colors reflected on the board, very nice! Someday we'll get out your way to see the windows IRL :-)