Friday, November 26, 2010

House Warming: Water Heating

I don't know where to begin.

Our friend Mike, along with his electrician dad and strong son, arrived this morning to lend a hand. Things progressed along as expected: Paul received some good information about our current situation, and he received some helpful feedback regarding our plans for the new electrical service.

But we couldn't have been prepared for what happened next. Mike informed Paul that he had brought us something that had been lying around his house. He'd been tripping over it and needed to get it out of the way. What was this trifle of a matter? A 50-gallon gas water heater!

I have never experienced such a house warming gift. It warms the water, and it warms my very full heart. Thank you so very, very much, Mike and Elizabeth. We are so blessed by your kindness and generosity, and we're so honored to be considered your friends.
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